Money-saving hacks at home

We all need affordable heat and hot water, and we need to save money where we can but this is no easy task in the current economy. Right now it pays to think differently to find solutions that help keep the cold out and the bills low at home and that’s what we’ve been doing. Here are some of our most effective money-saving hacks for the home… and we’ll keep adding more!

Getting to know you

Understand your cylinder to heat it less often.

One-pot dishes

A one-pot dish is an economical approach to cookery.

Just a minute… less

60 seconds less to save far more.

Bye bye standby

If you’re not using it, turn it off at the plug.

Shut that door

The room’s not in use? Turn off the heating and shut the door.

Pressed for time

Make precision pegging your new clothes-drying hack.

Cold shoulder

No one likes draughts, so let’s exclude them all.

Please adjust your shower head

Find yourself a free eco shower head.

Turn it down by 1°C

A small change will make a big difference.

A lightbulb moment

Halogen’s old hat; the future’s LED.

Sun worshipper

Harness the sun, your free source of energy.

Don’t throw it, sell it

You could be hoarding a new income stream.

Take control

TRVs are vital for your radiators.

Insulate, insulate, insulate

The most important energy-saving rule.

Heat pumps rock

A green alternative to gas and oil.

Go hybrid go!

Make your existing gas boiler greener.

Green targets

Net zero by 2050 is the UK goal, are we going to make it?


Use the kettle once, then let your flask take over.

Have a bear hug

Don’t get cold, get a hug from Teddy instead.