Cookie Policy

Cookies on our Website

Websites use a number of practical and useful technologies to enhance usability and make the website as interesting as possible for each visitor. Commonly used technologies are Cookies, which can be used by website hosts or third parties – for example advertisers – who communicate through the website you visit.
It is of great importance to us that you are aware which Cookies our Website uses and for which purposes they are used. Our intention is to guard your privacy as much as possible when providing for the best user experience. Below you can read more about the Cookies that our Website uses and the purposes they are used for.

The Cookies we use

Analytical Cookies
In order to determine which parts of the Website are the most interesting for our Website’s users we continuously monitor the amount of users on the Website and which part of the Website they are viewing.
The information collected is processed into statistics. These statistics provide us with an insight into how many times our Website is visited and which part of the Website the users spend the most time on. This allows us to improve the structure, navigation and content of the Website in order to provide for the best user experience. The statistics and reports generated cannot be traced back to individual users.

Functional / Essential Cookies
Our Website uses functional Cookies. These Cookies are essential to make the Website run properly. We use these Cookies to enable you to navigate the Website, to provide access to secured areas of the Website and to save user settings and preferences like the preferred language.

Social media Cookies
Our Website enables you to share information from our Website through social media by using the social media buttons on the Website. By clicking on these social media buttons you will be redirected to the website of the social media company whose button you clicked on. As soon as you click on a social media button, the social media company involved will place a cookie on your device instantly. More information about these cookies can be obtained by checking the cookie statements on the websites of social media companies involved (like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) – we are not responsible for the use of these Cookies nor for the personal data collected through them.

Other Cookies
Our Website uses Cookies to track visitors to allow us to show information as relevant for you as possible. During your first visit we explicitly request your consent for the use of these tracking Cookies.

Browser settings
If you don’t want any Cookies to be places on your computer you can changes your browser’s settings to get a warning before any Cookies are placed. Also you can adjust your browsers settings in such a way that all Cookies or for instance third party cookies (e.g. social media cookies) are disabled. It is also possible to delete Cookies that already have been placed. These settings have to be made for each browser and each PC separately.

If you don’t allow our Cookies it is possible that our Website will not function properly or that our Website will not be visible at all. Also any advertisements will no longer be personalized.

How the browser settings can be adjusted is different for each browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser.