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We believe life is for living and create energy-saving home-heating solutions to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. We all know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we design our gas boilers to be both very simple and very smart! As children grow taller, families get bigger and bathrooms are added, you won’t have to change your boiler if it’s from Intergas. Your installer can simply change its parameter settings, and you avoid the unnecessary expense of buying and installing a new one.

Of course, we recognise the urgent need to address climate concerns, and  have taken proactive measures to significantly reduce emissions by minimising gas consumption. Our revolutionary hybrid technology, which combines a high-efficiency gas combi boiler and air source heat pump (ASHP), generates low carbon heat and hot water for the home. By embracing this technology, you will be contributing to a healthier, safer world in which we can all live, work and play.

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Combi? Open vent? System? What does it all mean?
Boilers made simple

The word is out...

It may have taken six years to achieve what I wanted, but I wouldn’t settle. I didn’t want to go electric, it’s too expensive and I definitely wanted a combi so I could have instant hot water. With a double height living room, cost-effective heating is vital. I wanted affordable comfort and now I’ve got it.

Tamara Jones, New Lanark (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The word is out...

These boilers are amazing. Take the HRE 36/40, you can run two baths at the same time, because it has the power to do that, and you don’t need to lose cupboard space to a cylinder; you’re only heating the water you need, which is highly energy efficient and just what Tamara wanted.

Steve Collins, Managing Director of Valleytech Heating

The word is out...

From its OpenTherm compatibility and modulation rate to the bithermic heat exchanger, Intergas boilers have been designed with energy efficiency at its heart. For example, when an Intergas boiler is used as a combi, it can condense virtually all the time it is producing domestic hot water which is unique within this industry.

Ross McKenzie, Managing Director of Ross McKenzie Ltd Plumbing & Heating

The word is out...

The Eco RFs are ultra-reliable and, since 2019, there have only been two boiler issues and both were to do with low pressure. In each case they were easily resolved by calling the customers and asking them to top up their boilers.

Paul Stephens, Development Project Manager, United Welsh

The word is out...

Intergas boilers are unique in their ability to receive pre-heated hot water and, by using an Intergas clip on the pipe temperature sensor, the boiler will only fire up if the water temperature is below 50°C and will only top up what is needed. This is a great way to save energy, save money and lower carbon emissions.

Danny Martin, Heating Engineer, Aqua Plumbing & Heating Ltd

The word is out...

I installed two Intergas Eco RFs, one for heat only and one for heat and hot water. Not only do they supply the economy and efficiency required by Peartree Short Break Centre, they are simple to operate and have built-in features that will enable me to check on boiler operation remotely using my smartphone or tablet.

Dan Robinson, Managing Director, Jennings Heating