Just a minute… less

If you could take a shower at a slightly lower temperature, you’ll save even more on fuel too. (We’re not suggesting you go full on Wim Hof, but a cooler shower could have health benefits too.)  Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis recommends: savemoneysavewater.co.uk, which collates all the freebies available from the water companies around the country, such as the money-saving aerated shower head. Do you really need to shower every day? Why not break the habit of a lifetime and take alternate days off? You’ll save the money that would be spent on heating the water and you’ll save water too. Let’s face it, for the forseeable future we’ve got to adapt to survive, and is showering less so hard? Unless you’re involved in vigorous exercise or work in an environment where you get dusty and dirty, you could easily shower every other day and use soap, hot water and a flannel on those you don’t.