Pressed for time

Any appliance that emits heat will be far more expensive to run than one that emits light or sound. You’ve probably already cut down on your tumble dryer use, but that iron’s expensive to run too and, if you don’t like ironing, this is a MUST… make precision pegging your new clothes-drying hack. Whether you’re hanging your clothes on the washing line or airer, try to hang each garment so it has as few creases as possible. When it dries, you won’t need the iron at all. OK, there’s no escape from 100% cotton, but everything requires less ironing if there are fewer creases. FYI, using your tumble dryer less could save you £70 a year. Tumble dryers are one of the most energy-intensive devices in the home so use it less frequently by ensuring you have a full load, around three-quarters of the drum. You should also avoid overfilling your dryer as this could lengthen the drying time.