Take control

Installing any form of heating controls will always be more energy efficient than having none, which is why, since 15thJune 2022, it’s been mandatory to fit thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) when a new heating system is installed or the boiler replaced. TRVs must be fitted placed on all the radiators, apart from the one where the room thermostat is situated.

TRVs are fitted on radiators to control the flow of hot water through those radiators. They work by sensing the air temperature around them. If the room is warmer than the setting on the TRV, the valve will close a little, reducing the volume of hot water flowing into the radiator, which means you’re using less energy and saving money. Research at the University of Salford found that, under standard operating conditions, a heating system with TRVs uses around 18 per cent less gas than one without.