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How does the Comfort Touch App work?

Watch the video below for a brief explanation of the Comfort Touch App.

Where can I find the privacy notice for the Consumer App?

You can download the privacy notice by clicking the button below.

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What should I do if the app can`t find the gateway?

Check the following:

  • Is your gateway turned ON?
  • Is your gateway connected to the internet? Is the network cable connected to Port 1 on your router?
  • Is your gateway receiving power and are the indicators illuminated?
  • Is your smartphone switched to Wi-Fi?
Which boilers can I use the Comfort Touch app with?

The Comfort Touch app is compatible with all Intergas ECO RF boilers (2014 or later). It’s also compatible with our new Xtreme boilers. The Intergas gateway converts your Comfort Touch into a smart thermostat, so that you can control your central heating remotely using the app on your smartphone or tablet.

The app is designed as both an extension of your Comfort Touch thermostat in terms of function and design. Comfort Touch thermostats only work in combination with Smart Power-compatible boilers (February 2017 or later).

Where can I get the Comfort Touch?

The Comfort Touch is available from your installer. Ask them about the various options.

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What should I do if the app says I don't have a connection?

Problems may be the result of your internet connection or the boiler connection. Indicators on the gateway may provide information as to where the problem lies. You can find various solutions to numerous connectivity problems in our troubleshooting guide.

How do I create a week schedule?

You can see how to create a week schedule by watching the video below.