Help and Advice

What is boiler plus?

Boiler Plus, which came into force on 6 April 2018 in England, is part of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy to deliver high levels of efficiency and comfort, based on a resident’s property and lifestyle, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Boiler Plus is an amendment to Part L of the Building Regulations and is solely concerned with heating and hot water, which means it directly affects you.

You can see what requirements your new heating system must need in our Boiler Plus App. 

How do I know when the pressure in the system becomes too low?

If the pressure drops to below 0.3 bar when the boiler is operating, the water pressure value will be displayed (flashing digit) instead of the time read-out. The system should be topped up.

What is the difference between the Comfort mode and the ECO mode?

When the domestic hot water Comfort function is enabled the heat exchanger will be kept warm to assure instant delivery of hot water. When the boiler’s ECO function is enabled it will adapt to the pattern of usage of hot tap water. As a result, the temperature of the heat exchanger will only be maintained in periods when domestic hot water was drawn on in previous days. If there is no need for rapid delivery of hot tap water, the Comfort or ECO function can be switched off.

What is double high efficiency?

Intergas uses a unique back-to-back, two-in-one aluminium heat exchanger in all our boilers. In this aluminium heat exchanger two copper circuits are integrated, one for heating and one for hot water. Because the hot water is heated directly (instead of indirectly, as is the case in all other boilers) the Intergas boiler condenses 100% of the time, in heating mode as well as in hot water mode.

I would like to purchase an Intergas boiler, how do I know which installer can install one for me?

There is a search tool on our website ” Find your installer” to find an installer near you.