Tomorrow begins today

We can all help combat the effects of climate change by making choices that reduce our carbon emissions. From individuals to businesses, it’s the decisions we take today that will shape our future.

The most important action you can take today is to advise your customers to improve the insulation in their home and then ensure their gas boiler is as efficient as possible, this will reduce household emissions and save energy. To decarbonise their home heating still further, they may want to ‘go hybrid’. Xtend is our new hybrid heating system that combines a high-efficiency gas boiler and air source heat pump (ASHP) and cuts gas consumption by up to 82.5%. You can check Xtend out here.

Saving energy and money go hand-in-hand

• Turning the thermostat down by 1⁰ can save as much as £75 a year.
• An eco-shower head can save up to £70 a year.
• Using the microwave instead of the hob can save up to £60 a year.
• Using LED bulbs can save up to £35 a year.
• Turning off appliances on standby can save up to £30 a year.
• Spending one minute less in the shower can save £7 per person per year.

30 years of greening

We’ve been working towards a greener future for over 30 years. In 1989, we designed one of the most energy-efficient boilers on the planet: the condensing boiler; in 2017, we designed the X Range of boilers, which has the lowest NOx emissions of any on the market; in 2018, we opened a new R&D lab specifically to work on creating a prototype all-hydrogen boiler and we’re now at a stage where we can provide heating solutions that are 100% green. If you’d like to know more about our journey to 100% hydrogen, please click here.

Intergas, part of the Rheem family

At Intergas we have a shared belief that a more sustainable future will be powered by innovation. As part of the Rheem® family since 2019, Intergas is committed to acting responsibly to protect the environment and ensure a healthy future for our employees, customers and community. Intergas takes part in Rheem®’s global sustainability initiative called A Greater Degree of Good™ where we have been busy reimagining how we design, manufacture, deliver and support our products.

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