Terms and conditions

Parts and labour warranty

To receive the full benefits of the parts and labour warranty the following terms and conditions must be adhered to or your warranty claim may be rejected.

Please note this warranty also covers the heat exchanger for 10 years, except for the Rapid heat exchanger, which has a 7-year warranty.

1. The installer must be registered with Gas Safe, and must complete the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist in full at the time the boiler is installed. The Benchmark must be made available and can be found at the back of the installation instructions. The Benchmark Commissioning Checklist must be retained on site by the homeowner for inspection during an engineer’s visit.

2. The boiler warranty must be registered with by either the installer or the homeowner, within 30 days of the boiler being installed. For the new build properties, this must be done within 30 days of the sale being completed.

If these conditions are not met, the warranty will not be valid.

The product must be registered online at www.intergasheating.co.uk or on the Intergas MiREG+ website at www.myintergasregistration.co.uk or by returning the warranty card.

3. The boiler must be serviced annually by a registered Gas Safe Engineer in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Service details must be recorded in the Benchmark Checklist or proof of service must be available on inspection.

5. The cost of the annual service is not included in the warranty. If the above conditions are not meet this warranty will be limited to 12 months from the date of installation or date of manufacture, as recorded on the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist.

Warranty terms mentioned are based on domestic use only. Any non-domestic applications will only be covered by a 12-month warranty.

Service intervals may need to be increased depending on commercial usage. For additional information please contact Intergas.

6. Only boiler component failures are covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover any connected system or accessories such as time switches, thermostats, motorised valves, external pumps etc.

7. Any repair carried out under the terms of this warranty does not extend the warranty beyond its original period

8. If the boiler breaks down, Intergas may ask you (homeowner or installer) to pay a deposit before we visit to complete the repair. We will return the deposit in full if we find a fault that is covered by the warranty. We may keep the deposit if we cannot access the property at the time we have arranged with you, or we find other conditions of this warranty have not been met.

9. The system must be flushed and cleansed in accordance with BS 7593:2019.

10. If any failure is caused by contaminated water in the system, the engineer visit becomes chargeable.

11. All installation, non-boiler or external system faults calls will be
charged to the homeowner.

12. Roof space installation BS 6798:2014 requires a permanently fixed access ladder to service installations in lofts or attics. Adequate lighting and permanently fixed flooring must also be available.

13. Engineers will not carry out repairs if they think accessing the boiler would be a risk to Health and Safety. A responsible adult must be at the property to give our engineer access to the boiler.

14. If the boiler is in a cupboard, there must be enough room for the engineer to work (the minimum area as set out in the installation instructions). We are not responsible for removing cupboards, kitchen units, trims etc to gain access for repairs.

15. In hard water areas of 200ppm or above, appropriate protection actions must be taken in accordance with BS 7593:2019 in line with Building Regulations Part L1. (Above 200ppm we recommend Combimate, Adey Electroscale or Hydroflow HS38 should be installed. 300ppm and above we recommend Combimate or a water softener should be installed.)

16. The central heating system must be maintained in accordance with the Benchmark Guidance on Water Treatment in Central Heating Systems and BS 7593:2019. We recommend the use of Fernox, Sentinel or Adey inhibitors and filters. It is important that the correct concentration of water treatment is maintained for the life of the boiler. Should we attend a warranty call we have the right to take a water sample; should this fail, the warranty will not be valid and will become chargeable.

17. If the boiler suffers a breakdown you should contact Intergas on 01527 888000, selecting option 2. Our normal working hours, excluding Bank Holidays, are: 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and 8am-12pm on Saturdays.

The warranty does not cover/apply to:
• Any damage, defect or breakdown caused by inadequate servicing of the boiler, or deliberate action, misuse, damage or accident, or third party modification or attempted repair which does not fully comply with industry standards.

• Any other costs or expenses caused by, or arising as a result of, a fault or repair.

• Boiler descaling and chemical cleansing/flushing, or from damage caused by aggressive water/sludge resulting from corrosion or limescale on DHW circuit.

• Any upgrading or improvement work required as a result of legislation, or to meet current standards.

• Damage caused by tampering, theft, faulty installations, fire, flood, explosion, lightning or other bad weather conditions.

• A boiler that is removed from its place of installation without our prior consent.

• Any defect resulting from the incorrect installation of the boiler, flue system or the facility for condensate disposal.

Intergas reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and its decision regarding the warranty is final.