MiREG+ is our exclusive boiler registration app that has been tested and approved by the Gas Safe Register. Once you’ve signed up to the app and your business verified, you’ll immediately start saving time and money, and ensure compliance with Building Regulations. We estimate that MiREG+ cuts 30 minutes off the essential admin associated with every single domestic boiler installation, and the app automatically pays the Building Regulation notification fee (£3.00 + VAT), so you don’t have to.

The app gives you the freedom to complete all the ‘paperwork’ associated with a domestic gas boiler installation in real time and on site, using a mobile phone or tablet. You can scan the boiler barcode, take a picture of the boiler in situ, complete the Benchmark documentation, contact the local authority through Gas Safe Register and validate the warranty with Intergas. With the homeowner’s details inputted, the Benchmark and Building Regulations Compliance certificates, together with the warranty letter, are automatically generated by the app and sent direct to their home address by post. All installation data are saved so there’s always a detailed record of jobs done and jobs in progress.

The app is user-friendly and flexible too. If, for some reason, all the registration details cannot be completed at the time, the work can be saved and accessed later that day; all Intergas manuals and video guides are on the app, which means support is always available 24/7.

MiREG+ has its own secure web portal, myintergasregistration.co.uk, for initial registration and where all the information on every job is available for review. Business owners can retrieve data on all their installers’ jobs, update information or gather business intelligence.

and then there’s the stuff!!!

MiREG+ isn’t just a time saver, it’s the route to endless rewards! Every time you install an Intergas boiler, you’re building up your points which give you access to some stunning stuff. We change the rewards every six months, but due to popular demand, boilers and workwear are always on the list.

The MiREG+ app is available in the App Store and in Google Play