Comfort Touch

For sensitive heating control and economy

Comfort Touch is our easy-to-use and very elegant, modulating room thermostat. It communicates with the boiler using OpenTherm to automatically adjust its settings to achieve the desired room temperature faster. Comfort Touch will display any boiler fault codes should they occur, which is really practical if the boiler is in a remote location, like the garage or loft.

Comfort Touch can be used with all our boilers but, when paired with the Xtreme, Xclusive and Eco RF boiler ranges, which all have a built-in RF module, you and your customers will have remote access to the heating system too(Gateway and Comfort Touch app are required for remote access). You can also use our Service Dashboard to monitor boiler performance remotely and head off any potential issues before they develop.

Comfort Touch is available in both black and white.

Comfort Touch

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Compatible boilers

Our Xclusive and Eco RF boilers work seamlessly with our Comfort Touch. Check them out.

Comfort Touch App

Want an intuitive room thermostat,
that looks good too? Look no further.

The perfect combination with the Comfort Touch app and Service Dashboard

Using our Service Dashboard, the installer can access boilers remotely in real time to read out boiler information and statistics. What’s more, it’s even possible to adjust its parameter settings remotely. It also provides a clear overview of a customer’s possible faults.

The Comfort Touch consumer app is particularly useful if you want consumers to be able to adjust their boiler’s setting remotely. It’s also possible to create and manage a week programme. What’s more, it’s possible to contact the installer directly using our Comfort Touch app.

See our Comfort Touch app See our Service Dashboard