Frequently asked questions

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What is the warranty on an Intergas boiler?


The warranty period on the Eco RF and Xclusive range is ten years, the Xtreme and HRE range come with a seven year warranty, the Rapid Plus a six year warranty and the Rapid boiler a three year warranty. The warranty period on the heat exchanger is seven years on the Rapid boilers and ten years across the rest of the range.

The warranty must be registered within 30 days of the commissioning date, failure to register the boiler within the 30 day period will result in a 12 month manufactures warranty only.

What is double high efficiency?

Intergas uses a unique back-to-back, two-in-one aluminium heat exchanger. In this aluminium heat exchanger two copper circuits are integrated, one for heating and one for hot water. Because the hot water is heated directly (in stead of indirectly as is the case in all other boilers) the Intergas boiler condenses 100% of the time, in heating mode as well as in hot water mode.

What is the difference between the Comfort mode and the ECO mode?

When the domestic hot water Comfort function is enabled the heat exchanger will be kept warm to assure instant delivery of hot water. When the appliance’s ECO function is enabled the appliance will adapt to the pattern of usage of hot tap water. As a result, the temperature of the heat exchanger will only be maintained in periods during which domestic hot water was drawn on previous days. If there is no need for rapid delivery of hot tap water, the Comfort or ECO function can be switched off

How do I know when the pressure in the system becomes too low?

If the pressure drops to below 0,3 bar when the appliance is active then the water pressure value will be displayed (flashing digit) instead of the time read-out. The system should be topped up.

How do I service and commission a Intergas Boiler?

The servicing and commissioning steps are explained in de the video below.

Where can I find the privacy notice for the Installer App?

You can download the privacy notice by clicking the button below.

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Where can I find the Joint Privacy Statement?

The Joint Privacy Statement confirms that Intergas and the Installer jointly determine the purposes and means of processing of your personal data relating to Intouch and Comfort Touch, informs you of the essence of the arrangement between Intergas and the Installer, and provides you with transparency as to how Intergas and the Installer will process your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement.

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