We produce more rubbish today than ever before and this day was created to help shine another spotlight on the importance recycling plays in preserving a healthier world for our kids and theirs. We’re all pretty savvy on what can and cannot be recycled at home, at work and at school, so the next step, for those of us who haven’t yet taken it, is to try to only buy products that are packaged responsibly, to use refills in existing plastic bottles and to avoid wipes. And it’s amazing what can be recycled these days, from blister and tetra packs to cheese wrappers. Areas across the country vary in exactly how much can be recycled, but local schools are amazing at it!

As part of Rheem, we’re also working towards achieving some challenging sustainability targets too: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieve zero waste to landfill across all global manufacturing operations by 2025.

We know everyone is doing their bit, but some of you might have some novel recycling habits that we should all know about. Please can you get in touch with us at: m.fleming@intergas-heating.co.uk so we can help bring this to a wider audience through social media?