Extreme hot water efficiency



One of our newest additions to the range, the Xtreme, is packed with user-friendly and energy-saving features. There are easy-to-read-and-use icons on the new illuminated touchscreen display panel, an expansion vessel is incorporated within the boiler, there’s a combined PRV and condensate connection, an integral filling loop and dual OpenTherm inputs. The Xtreme also has a passive built-in flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) unit which raises energy efficiency to a whole new level. PFGHR reclaims more heat from waste gases than a conventional condensing boiler can achieve, which means even less energy is needed to produce hot water for the home which reduces, still further, both energy bills and emissions. The Xtreme comes with a free 7-year parts and labour warranty.

Touchpanel control
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Two-in-one alumunium heat exchanger

Two-in-one heat exhanger

Our revolutionary heat exchanger remains at the heart of this boiler. Thanks to its intelligent design, there’s no need for a diverter valve in combis, valve motor, auto air vent or secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, so all the parts that tend to stick, leak or let you down aren’t there. It also optimises heat transfer while minimising heat loss to reduce energy consumption and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Built-in passive flue gas heat recovery

The Xtreme also has a built-in passive flue gas heat recovery unit at the back of the heat exchanger, which is connected to the flue. It extracts the excess energy from the condensate water and this energy is used to preheat the water for domestic hot water or heating, depending on which mode is being used. This reduces still further the amount of gas needed to reach the required temperature, while lowering both CO2 emissions and energy bills.