For hot water that never runs out

Superflow combines all the advantages of a condensing boiler and cylinder in one compact wall-hung unit. This super-efficient water heater delivers constant hot water to taps around the house all at the same time, has an enviable flow rate of up to 25 litres a minute and an energy efficiency rating of A. Hard water problems? Not with Superflow; this water heater is built to withstand limescale and, as it’s manufactured using the most robust materials, it’s highly reliable too.

Wireless cascade feature

Superflow now includes an innovative wireless cascade feature which allows up to eight units to operate together where a single Superflow unit is not large enough. This wireless cascade system is easy to set up and flexible enough for the most demanding applications.

the features

  • New illuminated touchscreen control display panel
  • Built-in bypass valve to prevent temperature
  • Universal internal parts
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Wireless cascade of up to 8 units – multiple cascade configurations available
  • Ultra low NOx
  • Advanced temperature control
  • 2-year warranty warranty when registered using MiREG

Tried and tested

Superflow uses our own tried-and-tested and patented heat exchanger technology, which incorporates a fully integrated copper coil, to ensure minimal heat loss and optimal heat transfer. The cold water supply flows directly through the heat exchanger to cool and condense the flue gases while recovering as much heat as possible for reuse. With this heat exchanger we achieve unrivalled performance.

Our heat exchanger comes with a 5-year warranty.