The Eco RF is a new generation of smart boilers. It is one of the most efficient boilers available today. It reduces CO₂ emissions to the absolute minimum, provides maximum savings on energy bills and its vacuum insulation ensures whisper-quiet operation. It’s kind to the environment and to your customer’s budget too.

If an Intergas System Filter is fitted with your Intergas boiler, we’ll add two more years to your warranty!
Terms and conditions apply.

Sustainable heating 

The Eco RF has built-in hardware (RF module)* that enables your installer to monitor your boiler performance remotely and take appropriate action to maximise efficiency. Add our Comfort Touch thermostat for rapid response to changing demands.

*Gateway required for remote access.

Extreme energy efficiency

Our revolutionary bithermic heat exchanger is in every Intergas boiler and is the component that guarantees extreme energy efficiency. Thanks to its intelligent design, there’s no need for a diverter valve (in combis), valve motor, auto air vent or secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, so all the parts that tend to stick, leak or let you down aren’t there. Made from aluminium, with two separate copper circuits, its large surface area and increased waterways ensure optimal heat transfer and minimal heat loss.

All our heat exchangers come with a 10-year warranty.