The smart choice


The ECO RF is a new generation of smart boilers. It comes with a radio frequency module fitted as standard, which enables your installer to monitor boiler performance remotely and take appropriatie action. This boiler works with a range of Honeywell’s wireless room thermostats for rapid response to changing demands, which means it uses less energy to reach the required temperature, further increasing its efficiency.

With the ECO RF and our unique Intouch system you can also turn your smartphone into a smart thermostat. To find our more, click here

Sustainable savings

The Combi Compact Eco RF is one of the most energy efficient boilers available today. It reduces CO₂ emission levels to the absolute minimum and provides maximum savings on energy bills. Kind to the environment and your wallet.

An innovative heat exchanger

The Eco RF uses a unique dual, aluminium, two-in-one heat exchanger. Its patented design ensures minimal heat loss and optimal heat transfer. Both central heating water and cold tap water pass directly through the heat exchanger cooling the flue gases and recovering as much heat as possible for reuse. This technology does away with the need for a three-way valve. All Eco RF boilers are Energy Saving Trust recommended.