The wolves are coming to InstallerSHOW

And, no it’s not a footballing reference, more a nod to Friesland in the Netherlands. To find out what’s going on, please make your way to the Intergas stand 5E14 at the NEC where all will be revealed. You don’t have to wait that long to find out about two new Intergas products that we’ll also be showcasing at InstallerSHOW because we’re going to tell you a little about them now.

First, there’s the new Xtend monobloc hybrid, the latest addition to the Xtend range. Now, if you want to install a hybrid heating system but don’t have F-gas certification, don’t worry because you don’t need it. As all the refrigerants are in a closed circuit within the heat pump, you won’t be handling those refrigerants when installing or servicing the monobloc heat pump.

Second, there’s Superflow. Superflow combines all the advantages of a condensing boiler and cylinder in one compact wall-hung unit. We’ve used our own tried-and-tested and patented heat exchanger technology in Superflow to deliver hot water to every tap in the house. Where a single Superflow unit is not large enough to cater for a property, our wireless cascade feature will enable up to eight units to operate together to deliver the performance you need.

But back to the wolves… we are launching another two products at the show, but they’re under incredibly warm wraps until 25th June. So we really hope you can make it!