X-plan: wired for efficiency in Garstang

For the cognoscenti, X-Plan needs no introduction but, in these straitened times, Neil Armstrong of PlumbWise, based in Garstang, wants to spread the word so more of our customers can enjoy lower energy bills and increased efficiency on PDHW delivery. When Iain Owen moved into a five-bedroom, three-bathroom property with a Rapid 32, he called in Neil to service the boiler. Neil could see from the stats that the system was using too much gas and suggested changing to X-plan. So, what exactly is X-Plan? It’s a straightforward way of setting up the Intergas boiler (less wiring complexity and far greater energy efficiency compared to S- and Y-Plan) to provide two distinct flow temperatures, one for space heating, the other for water heating, without one impacting on the other. During a hot water demand from the cylinder NTC sensor, for example, the boiler would ramp up to full load, as set up in the parameters to match the cylinder coil input size, and the pre-set target temperature of, say, 70⁰C. This heats the water in the fastest possible time; in fact, the recovery is so rapid that a 175-litre unvented cylinder with a 30kW-rated coil* can recover the cylinder (from 10⁰- 60⁰C) in around 12 minutes. With recovery that fast, you can opt for a smaller cylinder, saving space and energy. Like a combi boiler, the heating is not operational during hot water demand to help facilitate the rapid recovery of the cylinder. For maximum efficiency, the space heating should be controlled through an OpenTherm-compliant device and, when the boiler switches from water heating to space heating, no excess heat can enter the space heating and room temperatures can’t overshoot. Standard TPI controls can also be used via the 230V switching facility incorporated within the PCB.

A 200L Joule cylinder has been fitted in the airing cupboard, which is just off the landing, and the Rapid’s in the double garage. After upgrading the boiler from S-Plan to X-Plan, the cylinder can now reach the pre-set target temperature of 55⁰C, from cold, within 18 minutes. He also ranged-rated the Rapid to help reduce boiler cycling, keep the appliance cooler and more efficient and generally prolong its life. Once done he then replaced the heating controls with an EPH OpenTherm control. He selected a CP4i wireless programmable room thermostat which has up to six time and temperature settings a day and provides control for up to six heating zones. Iain says all the signs are good as far as energy saving goes, but wants a few more months to check out the actual savings.

To download X-Plan wiring diagrams for Xtreme and Xclusive, please click here.

To download X-Plan wiring diagrams for HRE, Eco RF and Rapid, please click here.