Not so fast


We can’t control the cost of petrol and diesel, but we can control how much of it we use by just driving a little more slowly. Putting your foot down eats fuel, so try using a light right foot, accelerate gently and remember that the speed limit is just that, not a target! A heavier car will use more fuel too, so don’t keep stuff in the boot you don’t need and don’t leave roof bars or the roof box on if they’re not needed because they create drag and you’ll use more fuel. This is common sense, but Turlough Downes, professor of mathematics and astrophysics at Dublin City University, has applied his knowledge of aerodynamics to fuel efficiency, to understand how drivers can save money. A driver on a 45-mile journey from Manchester to Leeds, using an average car, can save around £4.30 at a speed of 50mph, rather than 70mph (the savings are similar whether using petrol or diesel). This calculation was made using the current average price of a litre of petrol at the time, which was £1.62… you’ll save even more now!!