New service procedure

In February we contacted you about our new service procedure regarding the replacement of every red front plate seal with a Viton black seal, and that the black seal must subsequently be changed every two years. Now we’d like to clarify the service procedure which affects the other seals. These must now be replaced every four years, or sooner if they’re showing signs of wear and tear. All the relevant seals are available as sets from your local merchant; here are the seal set numbers and sizes:

077204 seals set for X-range (L)

077214 seals set for X-range (M)

077207 seals set for HRE and Eco RF (L)

077217 seals set for HRE and Eco RF (M)

077227 seals set for HRE and Eco RF (S)

077237 seals set for Rapid and HR22

The precise information and diagrams can be found in your Boiler Service Procedure manual on page 11 for X-Range, page 18 for HRE and Eco RF and page 22 for Rapid and HR22. This information can also be found on our website here