Just heart-warming

To Ross Coen and his team at Bumblebee Plumbing & Heating, their community really matters. Not only did they take on shopping duties for those who were shielding or just couldn’t get out during 2020, they’re now raising money to buy defibrillators! After Inter Milan midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during Denmark’s opening Euro 2020 game with Finland last June, Bumblebee felt compelled to do something that would help the community and launched the #BeeAHero campaign. Every time a boiler is installed by the team between 1st September and end December 2021, Bumblebee donates £50 to its fund and, when enough money is raised to buy a defibrillator, residents and business owners vote on the organisation they feel is most deserving. To date A Team Hub, Matthiola FC and First Act Arts have been proud recipients of defibrillators. Who’s next Ross?