Xclusive winner

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who entered our very exclusive summer competition. Find out who won and why this amazing boiler really is better than the rest.

We couldn’t quite believe how popular this competition was, and it’s made us realise we need to do more of them. And we are, so keep a look-out on social media for the next one. But now, we have great pleasure in announcing our lucky winner: this is Charlotte Sutton, who is now the proud owner of an Intergas Xclusive boiler.

What’s so Xclusive? Aren’t all boilers really the same? Well, some are, but not the Intergas brand. At the risk of sounding a little full of ourselves, no other manufacturer has our innovative technology that makes our combis absurdly efficient and reliable. It all comes down to design; we created a revolutionary aluminium and copper heat exchanger that can reach the demanded temperatures faster than any other boiler, using less energy to do it too. Then there’s the fact that there’s no diverter valve in our combis. This is not only a design engineering feat, it makes the number one cause of boiler breakdown in the UK – a faulty diverter valve  – impossible. So, if you’ve got an Intergas combi, you can relax in the knowledge that you own one of the most reliable boilers on the planet, that also emits less carbon than the rest

Reducing air pollution is very important to us, which is why our boilers have been built to be miserly with their emissions. But the Xclusive goes one better: it has the lowest NOx (aka nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide) emissions of any boiler on the market today. NOx is a nasty atmospheric pollutant and prolonged exposure to it irritates the airways which can lead to respiratory diseases like asthma. To find out more about all the models in the Xclusive range just click here.