Gavin Chilton of GDC Plumbing & Heating, likes nothing better than designing heating systems that take control and efficiency to ever-higher levels. He tends to attract customers who feel the same and recently installed an Xclusive 36 combi in a property that is awaiting its Passivhaus accreditation. His customer, who is so firmly focussed on the future, she worked out the heat loss calculations herself and sized the radiators to work off a 55⁰C flow rate… ready for the heat pump! The condensing boiler will eventually act as back up but, until then, her high-efficiency Intergas will keep carbon emissions low.

FYI, Gavin’s only been installing Intergas boilers for two years, but he’s now a fan, especially of the OpenTherm capability. This gives him the facility to pair the most appropriate control with the boiler.