Amateur boxer, rugby league player and now motorcycle racer, you might think that Mike Rutter and adrenaline have been pretty firm friends since he was a boy. Well, as far as sport is concerned, they have. When it comes to work (he’s a director of M. Rutter Plumbing & Heating Ltd), he takes no risks. Is this why, since May 2020, he only fits the Xclusive from the Intergas range?

‘I’ve just installed my 38th since last May. What I like most is the fact the combis don’t have a diverter valve, the biggest cause of boiler breakdown. And, when I’m working on Xclusive installations, I feel like a kid in a sweetshop. There’s so much you can do with this boiler; it’s unbelievably flexible. And I know when it’s installed, my customers will be happy. It’s reliable, quiet, has low NOx emissions, a 1 in 9 modulation range and an excellent flow rate.’