To continue the sporting theme, meet Terry Lambert, amateur boxer, boxing coach and director of Lambert Plumbing & Heating. He’s currently helping to turn an old building in Reigate into the  Britania (yes, there’s only one ‘n’) Boxing Club for George Browne, boxing coach extraordinaire, who at 63 is starting his first boxing club. ‘This is a great sport for girls and boys; it helps them get fit, have a sense of purpose, understand boundaries, build friendships,’ says Terry. Terry was an AIBA Junior Boxer and, unsurprisingly, his three sons (12, 14 and 16) are following in his footsteps and all aspiring boxers.

We’ve been delighted to help by donating a Rapid boiler and flue, System Filter and ComfortTouch thermostat. L&M Distribution is supplying the radiators and Danfoss the controls. Work continues on the refurbishment, and the official opening date is likely to be in late April, unless the lockdown rules change.