Limescale build-up can defeat the best heating designs and installations if preventative action isn’t taken. John Lawton, Technical Product Manager at Intergas, believes the HydroFLOW HS38, an electronic water conditioner, should be a vital constituent of every central heating system, to ensure the long term, efficient operation of domestic central heating systems.

  1. It’s simple to install under the boiler (on the cold inlet pipework)
  2. It’s powered directly from the boiler PCB ( no external power source required) with a three- metre cable supplied (only costs approximately £1.50/year to operate)
  3. It clips onto the pipework via a patented clamp system (no need to cut the pipework or drain the water)
  4. It’s environmentally friendly as it does not use any chemicals (competitors use electrolytic types that have zinc sacrificial anodes which release small amounts into the water)
  5. It has a patented electronic water conditioner technology where the signal propagates around the entire hot and cold water pipework, which is unique to Intergas as we don’t use plate-to-plate heat exchangers so the waterway is always open allowing the electronic signal to flow with an uninterrupted signal.
  6. The signal causes any limescale present to bond together (cluster) and, when subjected to heat, it will crystalise and travel out of the pipework with the water flow, preventing any build-up or damage occurring. The signal will also breakdown any existing limescale that has adhered to the internal pipework eventually clearing over time, subject to flow rate, temperature and hardness.
  7. The signal can flow up and downstream of the HydroFLOW HS38, providing there is a clear path within the waterways, however we recommend it is fitted closest to the heat generating source for the best results.