Every day’s a school day, right? So, if you’re sitting comfortably, we’d like to tell you all about Intergas Flexi Flue. Our 10-metre flue kit will line a traditional brick chimney (Class 1) all the way to the top of the chimney pot, leaving the exterior of the property unaffected. This is the answer to every installer’s prayers if they’ve been in the position of wanting to install a gas central heating system in a listed building but couldn’t find a way to flue the boiler. Flexi Flue’s been available from us for over a decade, but we’ve clearly not been talking enough about it because when Steve Collins, Managing Director, Valleytech, asked his local merchants for advice on this very subject, he was told no such thing existed. Luckily Steve’s not easily put off and continued to search for an answer until he eventually met Alex MacAllister, our National Account Manager – Scotland, who told him about Flexi Flue. Steve was then able to install a gas central heating system in his customer’s four-story property in New Lanark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s interesting about this installation is that’s it’s also the very first energy-efficient gas heating system in New Lanark. All property owners who previously wanted to upgrade their heating systems have had to go all-electric, as flueing through anything other than the chimney would contravene stringent planning regulations.