Did you know?

Which? Report

At the beginning of this month we revealed the findings from Which? Magazine’s Trust Traders report. The report was about the parts in a boiler that are the least reliable. The top four, in order of unreliability are: diverter valve, auto air vent, pressure relief valve and printed circuit board. As an Intergas installer you’re well aware that the design of our bithermic heat exchanger means our combis don’t need a diverter valve. We also decided that none of our boilers needed an auto air vent, where dirt and debris can collect in its housing, as we prefer a manual vent point. We’re delighted that the benefits of our boilers have been recognised by a such a universally respected magazine.

Which? is a great guide to helping all of us make choices because its advice is always based on hard evidence. If you’d like a free year’s subscription to Which? Magazine, just send us an email. The first 12 randomly selected emails received by 5.30pm on Monday 4th January 2021 will be on the magazine’s mailing list for 2021. To apply, please email: promotions@intergas-heating.co.uk. Type WHICH in the subject box, state your full name, address and phone number.