Xtreme does it again!

We received the news at the end of September that the Xtreme 36 has been named ‘Best in Test’ by the Consumentbond, the Dutch Consumers Association’s version of the UK’s Which? Magazine. It’s the fourth year running the Xtreme has received this accolade and, this year, the Xtreme 30 joined the ranks too. Their highest scores were in all the areas that really count with customers: energy efficiency – in heating, in hot water and in power consumption. Where the Consumentbond differs from Which? is in the lengths it takes to compare products. Like Which? feedback is received from consumers and installers, but then it independently tests product performance to collect the facts, and that’s why we’re especially delighted the Xtreme is Best in Test. This high-performance boiler is one your environmentally-conscious customers need to know about. It has an integral PFGHR unit system to keep CO2 emissions to the absolute minimum and has the lowest NOx emissions of any domestic boiler on the planet, emitting between 17.06-20.33mg/kWh, depending on the output. Add to that a flow rate of up to 15 litres a minute at a 35°c rise, a modulation rate of 1:9, remote access monitoring via the Service Dashboard, a combined PRV and condensate connection and our ground-breaking bithermic heat exchanger. And it’s OpenTherm compliant, like all our boilers. This is an intelligent powerhouse of a boiler… which is also 90% recyclable.