Winter flue in New Lanark

Anyone living in a listed building knows that nothing is ever straightforward when it comes to refurbishments, and for those living in New Lanark, a World Heritage Site, even installing a gas boiler has been impossible. Now, thanks to the Intergas Flexi Flue kit, Steve Collins, Managing Director, Valleytech, has been able to install an HRE 36/40 in the attic of a four storey townhouse. Don’t let the attic location confuse you though; Flexi Flue has a 10 metre flue system that can line a Class 1 chimney all the way to the top of the chimney pot, leaving the fabric of the building untouched. Previously Steve, who maintains the heating systems in many of the properties in New Lanark, has had to go electric, as flues from gas boilers cannot exit through the walls, only through the existing chimney. You don’t have to live in a World Heritage Site to benefit from our Flexi Flue; landlords needing to upgrade the heating in listed buildings face similar obstacles, but there is a solution. To find out more, please contact your area sales manager or email