Coronavirus – we’re in it together

While this is a difficult time for all businesses, if someone has a boiler breakdown or is in urgent need of a new boiler, then we need to help them, providing it is safe to do so. If you are scheduled to repair or install a boiler, please ensure you follow guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation. Before visiting the property, you should ask whether anyone in the home has coronavirus; if they have, please don’t put yourself in danger.

Office and warehouse: all staff are working from home, but all departments are operating as normal. Engineers are attending urgent repairs only; no servicing work is being carried out.

Servicing: Although servicing the boiler is an essential part of the Intergas terms and conditions to maintain the warranty’s validity, during these times of uncertainty we will relax all servicing work as long as the service is completed within six months of the due date.

Orders and deliveries: we are not currently experiencing any delivery or product availability delays. Orders can be placed as usual and will be handled as usual. Due to additional health-protection measures that may be introduced, future delivery problems cannot be ruled out, but we’ll keep you informed of any anticipated delays.

While we are working remotely, should you have an urgent enquiry please contact us by email, using one of the addresses below. This will help reduce the wait times on the telephones and enable us to deal with your enquiries faster.