Join MiTECH+, your brand new loyalty scheme

Welcome to MiTECH+, our brand new loyalty scheme which you can join this March! What makes MiTECH+ so different from all the other schemes is that eligibility is dependent on brand loyalty. If 75% of the boilers you install are Intergas, then you’re in! We believe this is a more equitable method of gauging loyalty, so please contact your sales manager now to see if you qualify.

As part of the loyalty scheme you will, of course, get stuff, and everyone loves the stuff, but you will also benefit from a tangible sales aid that will support your business every single day. We will give you an entire page on the ‘Find an installer’ area of our website where you can describe your company, outline your services, add your company logo and contact details, as well as upload customer reviews.

Our ‘Find an installer’ page gets hundreds of daily visits, giving you more opportunities to generate leads for FREE, as customers will be able to email you direct requesting your quote for an Intergas boiler installation.

Why you should be a MiTECH+ member:

  • No fixed yearly targets to hit to remain on the scheme
  • Branded webpage to generate sales leads (and we can help you with images and logos)
  • Exclusive MiTech+ promotions
  • Exclusive MiTech+ installers Facebook group forum
  • Exclusive MiTech+ group forum meetings with ASMs
  • MiTech+ welcome pack and goodies