£300 a year on fuel bill? In Scotland?

Ross McKenzie of Ross McKenzie Plumbing & Heating Ltd, is an Intergas service engineer based in Fordyce, in the north east of Scotland. He’s a big supporter of designing and fitting energy efficient heating systems, and he practises what he preaches too. He’s built his own ultra-low energy home and his fuel bills average £300 a year. He uses his wood burner (buying three years’ worth of wood to get the best price) as the main source of fuel for the underfloor heating, has solar thermal panels for hot water and a ventilation and heat recovery system to ensure no energy is wasted. As Ross’s home is off mains gas, he has an LPG tank, but it’s only used during the colder months, which is why he can keep his average annual fuel bill so low (the £300 includes the cost of the wood by the way). If you’d like to know more about how he created his ultra-low energy home, you can contact him via his Facebook page: Ross McKenzie Ltd Plumbing & Heating