John Lawton, Technical Product Manager, introduces Condensate PRO, a totally new concept for insulating the external section of boiler condensate pipework. The product’s so effective Intergas has become a distributor and every Intergas engineer is carrying stock of Condensate PRO.

Winter is upon us and with the Met office warning the country to wrap up warm we should be thinking ahead to protect our homes. At Intergas we are very proud to have one of, if not the lowest, failure rates within the industry, however the reliability is subject to the installation being correct and the environmental surroundings not being beyond the boilers design criteria. So, what do I mean?

We have some excellent engineers installing our products however sometimes they have no alternative but to discharge the condensate to an outside gulley or drain. This is perfectly acceptable and the industry regulations state that any external condensate pipework should be kept as short as possible with a maximum length of three metres, taking the most direct and vertical route to the discharge point. It should be insulated with class o pipe lagging, but you cannot form a mitre joint in a non-rigid material, so it’s flawed before you start, it’s also not UV tolerant!

Innovation is something that Intergas has in its DNA however sometimes we look to others for assistance regarding products outside of the boiler casing and, in this instance, it is a gentleman called David Smith with his innovative Condensate PRO! Condensate PRO is a totally new concept for insulating the external section of the  boiler condensate pipework and in my opinion it’s a game-changer. In fact, I love the product so much we have signed up to be a distributor, and our own engineers will be carrying stock on their vans to offer customers an upgrade should they suffer, or have suffered, with frozen condensate pipework.

Importantly, the kit is suitable for ALL boilers, and provides maximum external protection, which is great for customers and their boilers.

Condensate PRO is available in convenient kits:

  • Connection kit – this is always required.
  • Termination kit – this is required if you are connecting into a soil pipe.
  • Drift kit – required to facilitate adapting the old overflow pipe to Condensate PRO (one-off purchase to add to your own core drill set).
  • Condensate insulation – this is extra lengths of insulation only required when extending the pipework beyond the starter kit.

Further accessories and information, including “how to” videos, are available from David’s website