Talk yourself up

This is your opportunity to talk yourself up on the Intergas website. In the New Year we’re launching our brand new scheme to reward our loyal installers. We’ll send you the eligibility criteria shortly and, if you qualify, then you can  talk yourself up on the ‘find an installer’ area on our website in 2020.

You will have an entire page where you can talk about your company and your services, add your company logo and contact details and upload customer reviews. Customers are looking for installers every day, and our ‘find an installer’ page gets hundreds of daily visits, which would give you more opportunities to generate leads for FREE. From your page on the website customers will be able to email you requesting your quote for an Intergas boiler installation.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Early next year we’re also adding a new ‘find your perfect boiler’ function on the website and, once customers have been given the information, they can input their postcode to find installers in their area. This gives you yet another opportunity to generate FREE sales leads!

More great news about eligibility to follow!