Tech talk

John Lawton, Technical Product Manager, discusses the Intergas X-Plan, where simple rewiring can deliver superfast hot water from an Intergas Xtreme, Xclusive, Eco RF and HRE boiler? How super? A 175 litre unvented cylinder with a 30kw rated coil recovers the cylinder in approximately 12 minutes!

If your customers are accustomed to or want the immediate convenience of superfast hot water, let me introduce you to the Intergas X-Plan. With X-Plan you can adjust the ‘electrical output control’ during a set demand so, during a demand from an external control, you can change the operation of the appliance to suit your requirements. A typical example of this would be with the appliance set up as a system boiler; during a hot water demand from the cylinder NTC sensor, the output would ramp up to full load (as set up in the parameters to match the cylinder coil input size) thus recovering the cylinder in the fastest possible time. In fact, the recovery is so quick (a 175 litre unvented cylinder with a 30kw rated coil recovers the cylinder in approximately 12 minutes), that the hot water can be continuously operated without full temperature depletion of the vessel. For maximum efficiency the heating is controlled via any OpenTherm compliant device, although standard TPI controls can be used via the 230V switching facility incorporated within the PCB.  If the boiler is being replaced and the system upgraded from S to X-Plan, then it’s a very simple wiring exercise however the heating zone must be replaced with a 22mm ‘normally open’ type valve.

Some of our avid and loyal installers are already very familiar with X-Plan, which can be applied to our Xtreme, Xclusive, Eco RF and HRE models. Training courses are available at our head office in Kidderminster, where we have a live X-Plan for demonstration purposes or for engineers to work on. If you’d like to book a course or download the wiring diagrams please visit or call us on 01527 888000.