Redress the work-life balance: MiREG can help

Despite many people saying they became self-employed to enjoy a better quality of life, the opposite appears  to be true. According to a recent survey conducted by accountancy firm Crunch, the self-employed typically work an average 65-hour week and 66% said stress meant they often struggled to sleep. Many only take 14 days’ holiday in a year, and one in eight takes none; but even when they do take time off, many can’t switch off. Being constantly on call also means catching up on work in strange places; almost half (44 per cent) admitted they’d sent a work email or taken a work call in an unusual or inappropriate place, with 13 per cent doing so in a public toilet. We’ve all been there.

But life’s too short to let this go on isn’t it? To win back more free time, not just occasionally, but on a daily basis, it’s important to economise. You may instinctively know where you can make changes, and a good starting point is usually the admin. It devours time but you have to quote, invoice, market your business and be compliant with all your installations. As you’re already using MiREG, then you’re making a minimum saving of at least 20 minutes per boiler, but here are some other tried and trusted methods of winning back time:

  • Investigate digital options for your tax returns to lighten the admin load and the MiREG app will help, giving you an instant digital record of your installations.
  • Make daily ‘to do’ lists, plan workloads and prioritise. The easiest jobs shouldn’t come first, the time-critical ones take precedence.
  • If you have people working for you, then delegate tasks where possible.
  • Wellness is important. Make time to exercise, eat healthily and don’t spend every waking moment thinking about work. You have to have ‘me time’.