We’re on Trustpilot

In the good old days we relied on newspapers and magazines to give us advice on everything from films to cars, and from fashion  to holidays. Reviews have always mattered, because they remove the risk from a buying decision, especially important on high ticket items. But now if you’re planning a holiday for example, you’ll probably go straight to TripAdvisor.com; in fact, 456 million people in the world do just that every month – that’s about one in every 16 people on earth. TripAdvisor is proof that there’s a real hunger for reviews based on many people’s experiences , and sites like this one now play an increasingly important role in our purchase decisions. Price, advertising and asking your friends are all part of the process too, but review sites give you access to information you didn’t even know you needed! Of course, you already know that as many of you are already enjoying the benefits of great Trustpilot reviews, and we’re delighted to announce that we’re now joining the Trustpilot ranks too. A research study conducted by BrightLocal showed that 86% of consumers consider online reviews when making a purchase, 68% said positive reviews make it more likely they will buy, while 40% say negative reviews make it less likely. We’re very proud of our range of boilers and through Trustpilot our satisfied customers can help those looking to install a new boiler feel confident about buying Intergas.