Sustainability update: the future of gas boilers

Fashion, food, transport, packaging – everything’s being examined under the microscope of sustainability, and so too is the use of gas in the UK. We’re all in the gas boiler business, so we’d like you to know where we stand on future developments. Renewable energy alternatives, like solar, were popular thanks to the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme, but its closure on 1st April this year is unlikely to encourage mass uptake in the future, which is a pity as the cost of solar panel installation has fallen considerably since the FiT’s introduction in 2010. Ground source heat pumps are an expensive retrofit but would be the perfect green solution in newbuild and going all-electric is not feasible as the infrastructure is not in place to support a wholesale conversion in the UK. Until it is, gas is an economical and relatively clean alternative. However, for the short and long term health of our environment, everybody must take action, and we’re currently researching hydrogen and biogas solutions, as well as developing a range of electric boilers. But, as long as we’re making gas boilers, they will be the most energy efficient boilers on the market and, right now, our Xclusive and Xtreme boilers have the lowest NOx emissions of all domestic boilers on the planet.