Plastic can be fantastic

Sustainability is the watchword for all of us now, and we need to be as careful and vigilant in our choices at work and at home to help support a healthier environment. It’s not always easy and, yes, government must do more, but our actions are having an effect. Did you know that plastic carrier bag use, for example, is down 86% since the levy was introduced in 2015? Plastic is an emotive subject, but it’s not always the enemy; it insulates, protects, conserves and helps our homes and industries run efficiently. We need it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce its use where it makes sense to do so. Intergas took the decision to keep plastic use to a minimum in boiler manufacture decades ago and we still only use three plastic components in our boilers (the ignition module, internal flue and pressure sensor), making our boilers 90% recyclable, and we’re working on increasing their recyclability. What’s even better news is that we now have additional support in making that happen. Rheem, the leading water and heating solutions manufacturer, based in America, which acquired Intergas at the end of May, has just launched its sustainability initiative with some aggressive targets, one of which is to achieve zero waste to landfill in its global manufacturing operations by 2025, and we’re delighted to be part of that initiative.