Xclusive comes to Wandsworth

When Sue Forkin’s boiler was on its last legs, she asked her installer, Terry Lambert of Lambert Plumbing and Heating, for advice on which brand would deliver reliability and value-for-money for her three-bed family home in London. Terry suggested the latest Intergas boiler, the Xclusive, would meet her needs and then some. Sue did her own research and liked what she saw and allowed us to film the boiler’s installation a few weeks ago. To see the video, please click here. The environmental benefits of the Xclusive chimed with Sue’s concerns about climate change: not only does it cut CO2 emissions by 5% more than other condensing boilers, it also has the lowest NOx emissions of any domestic boiler in the world, emitting between 17.06-20.33 mg/kWh depending on the model. According to the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI), emissions from domestic gas combustion has been identified as the second largest individual source of NOx pollution in London, after transport emissions, and is predicted to replace transport as the largest source of NOx by 2025. As a country we’ve been reducing polluting emissions every year, and the heating and ventilation industry plays its part in doing this. There are already boilers with NOx emissions of under 30mg/kWh, but Intergas has taken the lead on this increasingly important issue as the environmental credentials of the Xclusive (and the Xtreme) prove. Sue has had the boiler for six weeks now, and while she can’t feed back to us on her energy bill just yet, she’s happy with the boiler’s performance to date, and really appreciates the convenience of her free app, which turns her smartphone into a smart thermostat, so she can change her central heating settings and weekly programme while on the go. She feels confident that the Xclusive will be totally reliable, why else would we provide a free 10-year warranty?