Boiler manufacturers, unlike car manufacturers, sports brands and fashion labels, are a pretty faceless lot. Literally. Sure, you will see our logos all over the place, but what are we really like? What makes us tick? There’s only so much you can deduce from a brochure, website or ad campaign and, with a proliferation of communication channels out there, we felt the need to put a face to a name. And that’s when we realised that our brand had many faces. We’re not going all Arya Stark here, but we’re a small company with lots of personalities, and decided to create characters for some of our main players; you may already have seen them appearing on a social media screen near you. We believe these friendly faces will show our customers our human side and make us more approachable as an organisation.

Our Managing Director, Stephen Zouch, is currently spearheading our ‘Did you know’ campaign, which is delivering all the Intergas USPs that you know so well, in easily digestible chunks. Stephen is very happy with his character, as it’s taken 20 years off him. Manny, not so much.