Dean Robinson on why Intergas is Simples

“My top reasons for fitting Intergas are because of the simplicity and versatility of its design,” says Dean of Robinson Heating in Billericay. “It’s an extremely easy boiler to give a proper service to which in turn helps to prolong its natural life cycle, unlike some manufacturers whose boilers are notoriously difficult to work on and service.”

Dean specialises in delivering connected heating systems to maximise comfort and efficiency in the home. We were therefore delighted to read one of his social media posts which described why we thought we should share his social media post above. And there’s more: “The boiler works superbly well with Honeywell controls using the latest OpenTherm technology. In my own home the temperature is normally set to 18 degrees all day with the boiler heating the water up to only around 35 degrees to maintain this temperature which of course results in much lower fuel bills versus normal on-off controls where the boiler typically heats the water up to 70 degrees to maintain the same temperature.

“My customers appreciate the 10-year warranty on the Eco RF range, but the biggest selling point is that I have been installing Intergas boilers for six years now and have not had one unit fail in that time; that speaks volumes about the quality of the product.”