Simon Bowles

Genesis Housing, Building Services Engineer

“My very first involvement with Intergas Heating was a conversation with Dennis Harman during a breakfast morning at a local plumbing merchants. I was aware of the Intergas brand and had heard through the trade that they were extremely robust but I had never really looked too closely at what they had to offer. After talking with Dennis at length about the benefits of an Intergas Boiler and seeing the enthusiasm of Dennis when he spoke about the product I thought it was something that Genesis Housing should consider. I arranged a visit to the factory in Holland and it was whilst I was there talking with Ralph and Henk that I realised Intergas Heating had a twin flue product available. This was something I knew was invaluable to Genesis because of the recent issues with the Wenlock and Carmel buildings. I discussed this product with Dennis and asked about it being made available to the UK market, and to my surprise within a matter of weeks Dennis informed me that a product catalogue and specification was being written! It was at this moment I knew that Genesis needs to be engaging with companies of this calibre, to have a company that is so committed to its own product and have the flexibility to turn around a product supply chain so quickly was amazing.

Genesis is a developing company that wants to move with the times and technologies of the new age digital era. To be part of this evolving world Genesis needs to be creating solid relationships with quality businesses such as Intergas Heating. There are no limits when you put the right people with the right product into a market that demands the absolute best. Genesis and Intergas can deliver in this competitive environment.  I look forward to the relationship with Genesis and Intergas Heating growing even stronger.”