Colin Knox

Compliance Manager, Halton Housing

“This Eco RF combines everything Halton Housing is looking for in a boiler. First, it’s incredibly robust and only has 12 components in total, so it’s going to be more reliable than some of the brands we’ve used in the past, and that’s going to save us a lot of money in servicing and maintenance costs. As the hot water is served by a separate circuit, should the pump fail, the system will always deliver hot water too. But then it has this software built in to boiler that reports faults via email, provides usage reports, monitors boiler performance and provides an additional layer of care to the elderly. Now we can use live data to be more predictive, rather than reactive, and head off problems before they become one. I had to ask myself ‘what’s the catch?’ but there doesn’t appear to be one. I visited other housing providers where this system is already in operation, and decided to trial it in four of our new houses. Now the Intergas Eco RF will be one of the boilers we’ll be installing in our new build.”