Extreme hot water efficiency

Available from Q4


The Intergas Xtreme is our newest central heating boiler. Our Xtreme range is a fusion of performance, intuition and design, not forgetting extreme hot water efficiency. This results in lower energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Touchpanel control
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Two-in-one alumunium heat exchanger

Two-in-one heat exhanger

The Xtreme incorporates the tried-and-tested back-to-back two-in-one aluminium heat exchanger. Our patented design, with its fully integrated copper circuits, ensures optimum heat transfer while minimising heat loss. The central heating water and cold tap water flow directly through the heat exchanger so the flue gases cool to the maximum and condensation heat is used optimally.

Built-in flue gas recovery

The Xtreme also has a built-in flue gas recovery unit at the back of the heat exchanger, which is connected to the flue. It extracts the excess energy from the condensate water and this energy is used to preheat the water for domestic hot water or heating, depending on which mode is being used. This reduces still further the amount of gas needed to reach the required temperature, while lowering both CO2 emissions and energy bills.