System Filter

Intergas System Filter for a healthy central heating system

Available to purchase from 10th September 2020

As water passes through the metal pipes of your boiler, rust, dirt and debris can form and will severely affect the performance of the whole central heating system and that’s why, when you have a new boiler installed, an in-line filter should be fitted at the same time. The Intergas System Filter, which we’ve developed in partnership with Fernox, collects these contaminants, preventing them from entering the system. This will not only help to optimise the energy efficiency and longevity of the boiler and radiators, it will also add an additional two years to the Intergas boiler warranty.

Built to last

Our filter is hassle-free to install on horizontal or vertical pipework, easy to clean and comes with a 15-year warranty. Made from nickel-plated brass and stainless steel, this filter is 100% recyclable and is built to last. Just like our boilers.