Cut gas consumption by over 80% with Xtend

Introducing Xtend, the hybrid heating system for today. Designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in the Netherlands, Xtend will revolutionise home heating. Not only is it a serious energy saver, cutting gas consumption by up to 82.5%, Xtend provides all the comfort of a traditional heating system, so you will always have heat and hot water where and when you want it.

We’ve also introduced a range of features that will make installation as hassle free as possible, while giving you design freedom: our indoor control unit is one of the smallest on the market; the QR code on the unit reduces configuration time, usually a 45-minute process, to under 10 and the heat pump can be sited anywhere outside the property, providing it’s within 25 metres of the indoor control unit*. And our 5kW air source heat pump has a decibel level of only 34dB(A)** – a soft whisper is 30dB(A) – so it’s exceptionally quiet.

You can also have remote access to and control of Xtend, providing you’re connected via the Intergas gateway. Your Service Dashboard will operate exactly as it does with our high-efficiency boilers, and smartphones can become smart thermostats.

Energy efficiency has always been at the heart of our operations and Xtend is our most practical and sustainable solution to helping combat climate change. If you’d like to know more about Xtend, please call us on 01527 888000 or email sales@intergas-heating.co.uk.

If an Intergas System Filter is fitted with your Intergas boiler, we’ll add two more years to the warranty!
Terms and conditions apply.

* The siting of the outdoor unit may be subject to planning permission or local building control approval.

**This is the sound level at 5 metres.

Xtend: The full package

• Any Intergas (ErP) combi boiler, the choice is yours
• Indoor control unit measuring (cms): 55.7 (h) x 16.3 (w) x 27.1 (d)
• Low loss header
• 5kW air source heat pump measuring (cms): 68.9 (h) x 96.8 (w) x 36.7 (d)
• 7-year warranty when installed as part of the full Intergas solution

If an Intergas (ErP) combi boiler is already installed, then only the indoor unit and heat pump are needed, which will substantially reduce the installation cost.