Xtend Split

Xtend split hybrid

Xtend is our hybrid heating system that will revolutionise home heating. Not only is it a serious energy saver, cutting gas consumption by up to 82.5%, Xtend provides all the comfort of a traditional heating system, so you will always have heat and hot water where and when you want it.

We call Xtend a ‘hybrid’ because it combines two technologies: a gas combi boiler and a heat pump which comprises a 5kW split air source heat pump (ASHP) and a compact indoor unit. The indoor unit acts as a distribution centre, connecting and controlling both the outdoor unit and the boiler during a heat demand.

The combi boiler provides the hot water and the heat pump heats the home via radiators or underfloor heating. When the temperatures drop, our smart system will alternate between the boiler and the heat pump, ensuring comfort levels are maintained and the most energy-efficient combination of appliances used. The fan in the ASHP modulates its speed to meet the heat demand, which keeps energy consumption as low as possible and, as it generates energy from the outside air, it has zero emissions, making Xtend an excellent low carbon heating system for today.

If you already have a compliant Intergas ErP combi boiler installed, then Xtend – the indoor unit and outdoor unit (ASHP) – can be retrofitted to it, substantially reducing the installation time, not to mention the cost.


Please note: you can cut your gas consumption by up to 82.5% when Xtend split is paired with any of our Intergas ErP combi boilers. You will still enjoy substantial gas savings should you choose to have Xtend split retrofitted to your existing ErP boiler or paired with another manufacturer’s ErP system or combi boiler.

15-year boiler warranties. Yes, really!

Xtend comes packed with so many features and benefits, it’s easily one of the best hybrid heating systems in its class. Take the boiler warranty, whatever Intergas boiler the homeowner chooses as part of Xtend, we’ll increase its warranty. For example, the Xtreme, Xclusive, Eco RF and HRE warranties are all extended to 15 years and the Rapid and Rapid Plus to 10. If you retrofit Xtend monobloc (the outdoor and the indoor units) to an existing Intergas ErP combi or system boiler, that boiler warranty is increased too. 
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Terms and conditions apply.

The full package

This is what you get with Xtend:
• Any Intergas (ErP) combi
• Compact indoor unit
• 5kW split outdoor unit (ASHP)
• Comfort Touch thermostat
• Gateway
• Intergas system filter
• Fernox F1 inhibitor (265ml)
• Fernox F3 cleaner (265ml)
• Fernox F7 biocide (200ml)
• 7-year warranty on Xtend (Ts&Cs apply)

Don’t need the full package?

You don’t have to buy a combi or system boiler or accessories from us to unlock the benefits of our hybrid heating system, you can simply buy our indoor and outdoor units (they come as a pair) and have them retrofitted to your existing boiler, providing it’s compliant of course. These two units come with a five-year parts and labour warranty.

Ultimate efficiency

When you have an Intergas combi boiler installed as part of our hybrid heating system, you’re guaranteed efficiencies others cannot match. Thanks to our revolutionary bithermic heat exchanger, all our boilers condense in both heating and hot water modes, respond to the demand for heat faster and keep carbon emissions as low as possible. Add to this a robust build, a maximum of four moving parts and no diverter valves in our combis, you have boiler reliability that’s off the scale.

Xtend provides all the comfort of a traditional heating system, while cutting gas consumption by up to 82.5%.

Xtend makes economical sense

The cost of installing a hybrid heating system is significantly lower than that of a stand-alone heat pump as fewer alterations to the home are needed. With a stand-alone heat pump you’ll have the additional expense of installing a separate heat pump (hot water) cylinder as well as new radiators. This is because the heat pump’s low flow temperatures (typically between 35-50°C) can’t heat the water effectively and the radiators need to be upsized to provide a greater surface area to meet the heat demand.

Xtend makes environmental sense

We’re all doing what we can to combat the effects of man-made climate change but, if we are to meet the Government’s net zero carbon target by 2050, we need to make some fundamental changes to how we heat our homes. Why? Because 85% of UK homes use gas boilers which are responsible for 14% of all carbon emissions in this country. If we all used a little less gas, we could start making a real difference to our environment. With Xtend you could use up to 82.5% less gas.

Xtend makes common sense

A heat pump is ideal for well-insulated properties, but the majority of UK homes aren’t, which means it only operates effectively for 70-80% of the year. With Xtend, the boiler and heat pump work together during the colder months to provide the level of comfort you’re used to. Our hybrid is suitable for a diverse range of properties and delivers immediate carbon savings. Over time, as you improve the insulation in your home, you can eventually switch to a stand-alone heat pump so your heating and hot water will be 100% sustainable.

Sound advice

If it’s a pump, there will be some noise, but with our outdoor unit (ASHP) you can relax in the knowledge that at only 34dB(A) at five metres, it’s exceptionally quiet. For context, a soft whisper is 30dB(A).

Please note: the decibel levels listed in this diagram for common noise
sources are typical values but they will vary.

How heat pumps work

Very simply, a heat pump works like a fridge freezer but in reverse. The heat pump extracts warmth from the outside air, and this warmth is absorbed into a fluid. This fluid passes through the heat exchanger and compressor to raise the temperature and transfer the heat to water. This water then heats the radiators or underfloor heating.

Comfort Touch boosts efficiency

As part of the Xtend package you’ll receive our Comfort Touch OpenTherm room thermostat. Comfort Touch communicates with Xtend to automatically optimise its settings, making the heating system even more responsive. And, once you’re connected to the Intergas Gateway (also part of the package), you can turn your smartphone into a smart thermostat to change central heating settings or programmes remotely.

Design freedom

Another benefit of Xtend is that we’ve kept it compact to give you control over where the indoor and outdoor units are installed. Our indoor unit is one of the smallest on the market and can be fitted anywhere in your home providing it’s within 15m of the boiler. Similarly, the outdoor unit (ASHP), which is smaller than a stand-alone heat pump, can be sited outside your property, as long as it’s within a minimum distance of 3m or a maximum distance of 25m from the indoor unit.
Please note: the installation must comply with manufacturer’s instructions and building regulations.

Hybrid heating systems are suitable for a diverse range of properties and deliver immediate carbon savings.

Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)

For an air to water heat pump to work, the outdoor unit must be supplied with energy in the form of an electrical current. This is combined with energy supplied from the outside air and thermal energy is then produced to provide central heating. The key indicator of a heat pump’s efficiency is its SCOP value. The value shows how much thermal energy (in kW) the heat pump produces for every kW of electrical current supplied, averaged out across one year (all four seasons).